Sacred Sounds: Another resounding success

Saturday, 17th Jan

Following the popularity of the Sacred Sounds workshop last year, DIFFY decided to repeat the event, this time at Lupton House! The workshop aims to explore the power music has in unifying those of differing faiths and no faith through shared experiences. See below for snapshots of today’s amazing events!

P1090310 (Large)P1090248 (Large)P1090367 (Large)

The DIFFY gathering joined in singing and playing instruments from a tremendous variety of religious music traditions including Hindu, Chrisitan, Jewish, Shinto, Buddhist and other religions. The eerily spiritual sounds of the didgeridoo, throat singing and rattles from Shamanistic traditions played or sung by the highly-travelled and talented Doug King Smith started off the day’s run of workshops.

Ami Lee then shared traditional Jewish songs and beautiful lullabies central to her Jewish heritage which the group joined her in singing. Following a short break, the uplifting rhythms of Hindu bhajans filled the air .

   “The day exceeded my expectations; I did not expect to do so many activities and was very surprised at the inclusive, communal atmosphere”. Ruby, DIFFY member

The Taiko drumming session led by Kagemusha Taiko club left everyone feeling re-energised and was an opportunity to gain an insight into the underlying religious philosophy. We were then entertained by traditional Hindu dancing and learnt of the story that the dancer’s actions expressed before learning the basic actions ourselves and joining in.

To round off the day was a warming workshop in devotional and gospel singing led by the beautiful singing of Susie Ro. The group sang a reworking of the melody of Amazing Grace, the day ending with everyone singing in harmony.

DIFFY’s leader, Marc, said, ‘Firstly, thank you all so much to everyone who came and made last week’s event one of the most spectacular so far. It was a truly incredible, rich, experience of musical offerings and for those who missed it – do not worry! We will hopefully (funding permitting) love to have this as a regular event, at least once a year.’


1 thought on “Sacred Sounds: Another resounding success

  1. Rev Kate Whyman

    This sounds amazing! I’m organising a weekend of music and storytelling from different faiths and cultures at Plymouth Unitarian Church in September. How can I contact the organisers of this event? I’d love to make the connection and see whether anyone might come down and lead a workshop for us.
    Thank you. Kate 07766 686259


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