Upcoming Events

DIFFY – Devon Interfaith Forum 4 Youth – Present:

“Many Faiths, One Earth”

Sunday 29th March at The Hillyfield, Dartmoor.

A powerful opportunity for young people to explore the connection between Nature, Spirit, Land and Faith

* Meet young people from diverse backgrounds

* Discover stunning, enchanted Dartmoor woodland

* Hands-on workshops and inspirational talks

* Exploration interwoven with music & storytelling

For more information and to book a place, contact Marc Frank at interfaithyouthproject@gmail.com

Devon Faith Foundation Sponsors

Why should I join DIFFY? A few words from current members…

“I love the fact that whenever you are able to join the group you can fit in and enjoy the amazing experiences that DIFFY has to offer.”

What would you say to encourage someone who is thinking of joining DIFFY to do so? “
Go for it!”
“I think some people get put off that it might be too much like school or think it’s only for people from minority faiths but you learn without realising and have so much fun, no matter what your background or prior knowledge you have of other faiths”.

For more information please contact Marc Frank via email:  interfaith.youth.project@gmail.com


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