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At a time of increasing extremism & negative media portrayals, an uplifting reminder of what religions are really about

21st February ’15


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It was lovely to welcome several new members to DIFFY on the group’s adventure to Bristol to follow the city’s Faith Trail run as part of Bristol’s Annual Diverse Doors Open Day. Here’s what one DIFFY member had to say,

‘An amazing day. The talk given by the imam was one of the most interesting for me, as I learnt what terms like jihaad really meant. There simply is no better way to challenge stereotypes that exist to some extent in everyone’s heads than meeting the members of different religious communities. It was also great to see my DIFFY friends again!’

Here’s a summary of what us DIFFY lot got up to on Sunday.

What’s a Sikh temple actually like? Bristol’s Gurdwara warmly welcomed us, and following a short and illuminating talk on the fundamental principles of the Sikh religion, we explored the beautiful worship area and were treated to some fine Indian cuisine by the temple’s kitchens.

Next stop, founding out what Islam is really about. The term jihaad- who really knew that its true meaning is ‘struggle’, in the context of struggling to overcome our personal faults to better ourselves? We listened to the eloquent words of the imam of Easton Jamia mosque as he gave a potted history of Islam in Britain and an enlightening talk on the true principles of Islam. Wish more could have heard his words!

Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue- brill. talk from leader of Bristol’s progressive synagogue on Jewish on Jewish prayer and DIFFY and members of the public joined in singing a traditional Jewish tune, before moving on to…
The sights and sounds of the Bristol Hindu Temple- By the time DIFFY arrived, the temple was filled with people, many from the local Hindu community, and DIFFY got a photo with Bristol’s mayor!
Beautiful statues, incense clouding the air and perhaps the best food of the day?

Baha’i Centre- 
this religion has followers in every country in the world- a great chance to learn about one of the world’s most widespread religions.

St Nicholas of Tolentino R. C. Church- a Roman Catholic Church with a surprising twist. The congregation is made up of over 60 nationalities, mainly from Africa and India. Services are often given in Portugeuse and languages native to Africa and India, and beautiful African sculptures decorate the walls of this Church. Fascinating to look and to learn of the immense amount of work the Church does in supporting the immigrant community.



A free trip to participate in Bristol’s ‘Diverse Doors’ faith trail event is being organised by Devon Interfaith Forum for Youth.

Fancy follow a fascinating ‘faith trail’ throughout the whole city, visiting beautiful Mosques, Temples, Churches and Synagogues, meeting members of the local communities, (and sometimes also being offered delicious food and snacks along the way!) ?

Why should I join DIFFY? A few words from current members…

“I love the fact that whenever you are able to join the group you can fit in and enjoy the amazing experiences that DIFFY has to offer.”

What would you say to encourage someone who is thinking of joining DIFFY to do so? “
Go for it!”
“I think some people get put off that it might be too much like school or think it’s only for people from minority faiths but you learn without realising and have so much fun, no matter what your background or prior knowledge you have of other faiths”.

To see images from last year’s trip, click here. DIFFY will be running the trip on Sunday 22nd February. Young people between the ages of 10-21 years from any faith background or none at all are welcome to join us.
For more information please email interfaith.youth.project@gmail.com