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Many Faiths, One Earth: DIFFY’s day out on Dartmoor

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“Despite having been religious my whole life, I have never actually asked myself the question ‘where do I feel closest to God?’, yet throughout the course of the “Many faiths, one world” day at Hillyfield on Dartmoor, I feel that question was definitely answered.”

Sunday 29th March, reporting from the The Hillyfield, Dartmoor.

A day spent in the beautiful surroundings of an ancient Dartmoor woodland, DIFFY members feedback on the multitude of workshops which explored the connections between sustainability and spirituality.

Explore the post below to see the numerous activities us lot got up to and what we thought!

* Enchanted woodland walk with Doug King Smith (www.thehillyfield.co.uk)

* Sacred Sustainability workshop with Hal Gilmore

* Experiential Nature Connection workshop  with Chris Holland (http://www.wholeland.org.uk/

* Nature, Faith and Spirit Storytelling with Bev Smerdon

* Pagan Spirituality and  Ritual of the Land with Viannah Rain

* Dowsing and Earth Energy Workshop with Sean Ferris

“The event was an amazing experience that explored the relationship between spirituality and the Earth.”

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