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Bristol’s Diverse Doors Day 2015: Here’s what DIFFY members had to say…

“I loved how welcoming everybody was to each others faiths… I think all these unique religions developing is an insight into life’s beauty”

“I learned about other faith systems which enhanced my world view and gave me things to consider regarding my own beliefs.”

“In an increasingly secular society it was interesting to hear about how religions are conscious of local and international problems, how they are actively dealing with them, and that religion is still relevant today.”

“Seeing other religions in places of worship I wouldn’t ordinarily visit due to loyalty to my own faith was very interesting.”

“I gained insight into the connections, similarities and differences between different faiths.”

“I got to see people of faith in their place of worship so could experience the ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ of the religion itself as well as find out about the beliefs of religions.”

“Learning about other faiths widens my arsenal of methods to perceive and communicate with God or spirituality. It also helps me to accept and understand my neighbours. This knowledge will help me to be more empathetic and considerate of others.”

“An amazing day. The talk given by the imam was one of the most interesting for me, as I learnt what terms like jihaad really meant. There simply is no better way to challenge stereotypes that exist to some extent in everyone’s heads than meeting the members of different religious communities. It was also great to see my DIFFY friends again!”